Friday, September 16, 2011

Drive on left in Australia

Instead of writing this blog in chronological order like I normally do, I figured I would start with the most exciting news first - KELLY AND I BOUGHT A CAR!!!!
Earlier this year we decided that if we both were promoted to manager that we would buy a car, but we never did much about it as far as looking at what we could get within our budget, etc.  About two weeks ago we started talking about the different clients we were on that would have really long commutes on public transportation.  This led to a few hours of internet searches, one test drive, a few phone calls.......and now we are car owners!!

Here she is - a 1999 Hyundai Xcel (name is still pending)

Neither of us have ever had to share a car before, but so far there are been no arguments over who gets the car....I just make Kelly drive me to work :)

Our registration ("rego") sticker - how cute is that!
Theme Parties

Those of you that know me well know that I love my birthday.  And I also love any reason to not have to wear "normal" clothes to the bar.  So, this year for my birthday I decided to have an 80's themed party at my favorite bar in Melbourne - Bar 9T4 in Richmond.  It's the perfect place for a birthday party - $5 drinks until 9:00, free use of the back room (with its own bar) until 11, and lots of 80's tunes!

Kelly and I had so much fun shopping for costumes - Salvos, ValleyGirl, Retro Shop.  It's lucky that 80's is back in style and there are neon clothes everywhere.  And this gave me a reason to wear my favorite blue gloves (purchased for the EY Minneapolis staff/senior party in 2009).

Here are a few pictures of my favorite outfits:

Kelly and I with the token Australians of the party (Bennett, Trev, and Claire) and Liz - our fellow Minnesotan who recieved moved Down Under.  Claire definitely put the most thought into your outfit - throughout the night she pulled out an 80's phone, a floppy disk, and a manilla folder with articles about news from the 80's!  The phone was a crowd favorite for pictures.......and phone cord limbo a litle later in the night!

Who would wear a thong leotard to the bar...and not even be drinking?  Amy Bonner! Love the fanny pack also - I can't wait to see what other uses Amy finds for this outfit.
With the PwC crew - I love how colorful this picture is! (Check out my orange jellies....I'm going to wear these all summer!)
To anyone reading this who came to my party - thank you so much for making my first birthday in Australia so memorable.  I don't know how I will be able to top it next year! (I'm thinking party bus.....)

Kelly and I have new neighbors!  Louis and Janina recently moved into an apartment a block away and our first visit was for a housewarming party.  This party also had a theme - you had to dress up as something that begins with the letter of your first name.  I had lots of ideas about what to dress up as (T-Rex was a front runner except I couldn't figure out how to make a costume.  I do not have my mom's sewing skills - or a sewing machine).  True to form, I waited until the day of the party to get a costume.  The winner - Tomb Raider!

Tomb Raider and Kim Kardashian
With the hostess - Janina. (Check out Kelly new butt)

A few random thoughts before I sign off:
  • Australians say they are going to "the snow" like it is a destination, not a thing.  People asked me all winter if I was going to take a trip to "the snow" (about 3 hours of Melbourne).  I spent 27 years of my life with at least 5 months of snow......I didn't feel the need to go see it again!
  • When Australians tell a story about one of their family members they just said "mom" instead of "my mom" ("Mom is coming to visit this weekend).  If you are talking to someone who is not your  brother or sister you should say "My mom is coming to visit this weekend."  Otherwise I might get confused and think MY mom is coming back to Melbourne.  If that's the case I need to start cleaning!
  • Mexican restaurants in Melbourne would make so much more money if they gave out free chips and salsa
  • The best part about having a car is jamming out on the commute to/from work.  I forgot how much I sound like Taylor Swift.
I had a lot more "things that are different about Australia" to share, but its been so long since I've blogged that I have forgotten most of them.  I'll try to remember some of them and post soon.  They are probably more interesting than hearing about what I wore to my birthday party :)

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