Monday, August 22, 2011

More visitors to Melbourne

What a way to spend a Monday night - watching Farmer Wants a Wife (Australian-style) and getting caught up on the blog.  Actually - do they even have Farmer Wants a Wife in the US anymore?  People actually get married on this one though.....maybe its a little less scripted than the US :)

Mom stayed for an extra week after Dad, Cindy, and Tink went back to the US so I had to recruit Rachel to come to Melbourne to entertain her while I was at work.  I'm not sure what all they did while I was at work, but I did hear that Rachel should have been all caught up with sleep after her trip to Melbourne since she napped every afternoon!

Friday after work Mom and Rachel met a few of the EY crowd for some drinks after work and fireworks at Docklands.
Rach and I at dinner at James Squire

Saturday we started the day with brunch at Mart 130 in Middle Park.  This restaurant is located at the tram stop in Middle Park.  I had heard several recommendations about this place so I was excited to try it out.  The corn fritters with bacon, sour cream, and coriander were delicious!  I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a new brunch spot in Melbourne.

Consistent with the rest of the trip - I think most of the weekend revolved around food too!

Little Cupcakes on DeGraves
Taking a break from eating to look at some graffiti
Macaroons at South Melbourne Market
Popcorn and a movie (it takes two of us to make microwave popcorn)

Not long after saying goodbye to my family, I had two more visitors - Katie and Veronicka from Texas.  I know Katie through my friend Autumn and we became closer friends when we were both at UNI at the same time. 

Katie and Veronicka joined us for Val's birthday dinner at +39 - supposed to be the best piza in Melbourne.   Kelly, Veronicka and I shared the Crema di Zucca pizza (mozzarella, pumpkin, green beans, and parsley) and the Tartufata (truffle, mushrooms, rocket, and parmesans).  I love different pizza toppings!

Katie and I at +39
The following weekend Katie, Veronicka, and I rented a car and drove to Phillip Island - home of the penguin parade.  Sadly no pictures are allowed at the penguin parade so I don't have any pictures of the cute fairy penguins but we did see lots of them!!! 

Veronicka, Katie, and I on the way to Phillip Island

After only 9 months in Melbourne I have been blessed with so many visitors.  My schedule looks pretty wide open for the next 15 months so if anyone wants to come visit just let me know!!!!

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