Monday, November 22, 2010

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead!

Wow! What a busy weekend!  This probably contributed to my sore throat and stuffy nose, but that’s okay – I can sleep when I’m dead!  
I would have to say the weekend really started on Thursday this week. Thursday afternoon our start group took a tour of the CBD (and we got paid for this!).  We learned some Melbourne history and found some fun shopping/drinking establishments in just a few of the many laneways around the city.  After the tour we headed to Collins Quarter for drinks (free!) with some partners.   I needed to leave early to check into a different serviced apartment in St. Kilda because the one I was currently in was full for the weekend.  The group convinced me to come back after checking in.  Amanda made me pinky swear, so I had to come back!  I don’t think anyone thought I would actually come back because they all started cheering when I walked in.  I think people should start doing this every time I walk into a room J
After work on Friday, Kelly and I met Summer Anderson to see the musical Hairspray.  Summer is in Australia studying abroad for the semester and was in Melbourne for the week.  I worked for Summer’s parents at House Doctors in college and had told her mom to have her call me.  I’m glad she did because Kelly and I had been talking about wanting to see Hairspray but we probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise.  The show was amazing!  The lead actress was great – I wish I had dance moves like her!
Saturday morning we played beach volleyball in the Corporate Games.  Kelly and I played on one of the Ernst & Young teams.  Neither of us were thrilled to have to get up before 8:00 on a Saturday, but once we were there the early hour was quickly forgotten.  Saturday was a gorgeous day for some volleyball at the beach!  We played 3 games and had a great time, despite only winning one game.  My volleyball is coming in my shipping container and now I cannot wait until it arrives!
Food and friends…..
After volleyball Kelly and I met Justin and Kiz and their friends, Trevor and Claire, for lunch and some drinks at “The Espy Bar” in St. Kilda.  They were so much fun!  I especially enjoyed Claire’s story about her night with her personal trainer and Trevor making fun of Claire’s stupid comments and then pulling out his phone to show that he actually writes them all down!  We were excited to have some Aussie friends and decided we are going to get them to invite us to one of their BBQ’s soon (hint, hint if you are reading this Justin and Kiz!  Justin - I know you have nothing else to do at work at the moment!)
More drinks….
What else would I be doing on Saturday night??
I don’t want to bore anyone so I’ll save my Sunday adventures for another post.  And an apartment post really will be coming soon!

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