Monday, November 8, 2010

First Stop - Seoul!

Okay everybody, here it is…the widely requested and highly anticipated first submission of my blog, “Livin’ in the Land of Snags and Tinnies.”  I have never written a blog and do not claim to be funny or eloquent but I will do my best to fill you in on life down under.
First I should explain the blog name.  I wanted a blog name that was somewhat Australian but not too cheesy.  I asked for help from my Australian friends,  Belinda and Annie,  because I think they are hilarious and I knew they would come up with something entertaining.  I combined a few of their suggestions to come up with “Livin’ in the Land of Snags and Tinnies.”  Snags = sausages and Tinnies = cans of beer.  I like sausages (keep your mind out of the gutter Jody) and I like beer… it seems this title was fitting! 
Now that you are up to speed on my blog title let’s back up a few days.  On Oct. 30 I left the US and few to Seoul, South Korea to visit my friends Jon and Amber Scearcy (and baby Lincoln!). I did not have a lot of time in Seoul so we packed as much as we could into 3 days.  Amber was a great tour guide and I was impressed by her knowledge of the city – and her ability to tell a cab driver how to get to her apartment. – I would have been lost without her! Here is a brief recap of my time in Seoul:
Nov. 1 – Jon had the day off for Samsung Founding Day so he got to join us for my first day in the city (I think every company should have their founding day as a holiday – it’s a great idea!)  We started the day with a waffle.  Waffles don’t make me think of Korea but there are waffles everywhere.  We tried a waffle with ice cream (vanilla and green tea) and fruit (kiwi, oranges, and bananas).  Delicious!  As you continue reading you will see that most of this vacation revolved around food:

We continued our day by visiting a palace which I cannot remember the name of but it was massive and beautifully painted (see picture below).  It was at the palace that I realized Amber wasn’t lying when she said Koreans love Lincoln.  Girls asked to have their picture taken with him, everyone would stop and ooh and ahh over him, take pictures, etc.  I have never seen anything like it!

I had my first Korean BBQ for lunch.  Like most Asian countries they eat with chopsticks but they at least provide you with a spoon.  My chopsticks skills are not great, but they improved greatly during my visit.  Our waitress held Lincoln during our meal so Amber could eat (this happened at nearly every restaurant we went too).  They really believe in high-quality customer service!
That night Amber and I took the recommendation of several of her friends and visited “Doctor Fish.”  Doctor Fish is located in a coffee shop.  For approx. $2 and the price of a cup of coffee you get a 15 minute fish pedicure.  The fish eat the dead skin off your feet!

Nov. 2 – Today was the day of markets and street snacks.  Amber and I visited the Namdaemun and Dondaemun markets.  Our big purchase for the day included 5 street snacks.  There was so much fried food it reminded me of the Iowa State Fair!
Nov. 3 – Today Amber took me to the Rodeo Drive of Seoul.  We started our trip with breakfast at Butterfinger Pancakes (the cream cheese and mozzarella pancake was our favorite) and ended our trip with a stop at Royal Cupcake.   That afternoon we took a trip to the Seoul Tower for a view of the city.  The Tower was cool – I think my favorite part was the locks of love.  People purchase locks and hang them on metal trees and fences to symbolize the promise of lovers that they will stay together.  My final meal in Seoul was at one of Amber’s favorite restaurant.  We had a green onion and seafood pancake and a bulgogi hot pot.  The bulgogi hot pot was my favorite and a great end to the! trip!

That’s my trip in a nutshell.  I could have added a lot more but I am sure you are all getting bored by now.  The Scearcy’s are great hosts – if you are friends with them and have the chance you should definitely go visit!!!  Stay tuned for my first “Australian” post as I adjust to life in Melbourne.


  1. I love it!!! And the personal reference :). Went with Rachelle to the kickball party on Saturday and we made our way to the Lodge after sending Kevin home...which he wasn't really happy about. And yes, I typed that correctly, The Lodge is back open under a new name, which I can't currently remember. However, they had $5 for unlimited Mechanical Bull rides!! So much fun! Rachelle, Dave, Sara O, and I went of 4 rides each. I decided I was the best......which makes no sense. Got random burn marks on my arms from falling off and my legs are a little sore in random places, but otherwise reliving all my memories with nostalgia already!

  2. Whoops, I forgot the most important part - i'm glad you are in Australia alive and well!! haha, I"m such a good friend.

  3. Great start to your Blog. Can't wait to see the next installment!

  4. Am now an official follower of your blog! You look very happy in your pictures - can't wait to hear more!