Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyday Life

Since I seem to have trouble writing detailed blogs, I've decided to do a blog with just a few highlights of places/events I've been enjoying around Melbourne.  Here a few things that have happened recently:

Moonlight Cinema
During the summer there is an outdoor cinema in the Royal Botanical Gardens.  I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's with Kelly, Amy, Gail, Wendy, and Katie.  Kelly couldn't believe that most of us had never seen it before!  A week later I saw The Dilemma with Graham, Steph, and Val.  Not my favorite Vince Vaughn movie but it was still fun.  Even though we got there too late and the bean bag chairs were sold out (and Val and I didn't have a blanket so we had to just sit on the cold ground!

Breakfast at Tiffany's at Moonlight Cinema

Night Market
The Queen Victoria Market has a night market every Wednesday during the summer.  Being the procrastinators that we are, we waited until the last week to go.  What a mistake!  The market was insane.  We could hardly walk through the aisles and actually shopping was almost impossible.  However, the sangria was delicious!

Trevor and Claire's housewarming
Last weekend Kelly and I went to a housewarming party in Chadstone for our friends Trevor and Claire.  I"ve mentioned Trevor and Claire before - they are two of our four Australian friends.   Their house is great!  They have a nice patio that is completely covered which was perfect for the rainy Saturday night.  The house also backs up to a park - perfect for some summer barbecues!

Kelly and I figured we would  make at least four new Australian friends by the end of the night.  We met lots of great people so hopefully we made a few new friends!  I do recall making plans to go to my first footy game (match?) and talk of camping at some point.  I also remember Justin promising to personally make sure we see everything there is to see in Victoria - so I plan on holding him to that!

Ice Lounge
Apparently I felt like I'd missed out on the freezing Minnesota winter so this Friday I went to Chill On - an ice bar in the city.  This was another one of our voucher deals - $35 for one drink, one shot, a photo, and a $25 voucher to be used for additional drinks.  The bar was -10.  I'm proud to say we survived the whole 30 minutes but most of us were pretty numb after that.  The gloves and coats provided would never cut it in Minnesota!  The Ugg boots kept my feet nice and toasty though.  I might have to invest in some of those for this winter.  Emma - do you know where I can get myself a pair???

I just got back from a day in Sorrento swimming with the dolphins and seals.  I don't have any pictures downloaded yet so I will have to share that story later.  My flight for New Zealand leaves in 10 hours.  I better finish packing and get some sleep.  One week in New Zealand and 4 days in Sydney with Kelly, Rachelle, Dave, Heather, and Sara.  I will definitely have a lot to write about when I get back!

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