Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just an update

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post - not for lack of important things to share with the world though!  Before I forget the events of the last few weeks I thought I would give you all an update.

A few fun events:

Kiz discovered an American dinner in Prahan - Misty's Diner. Two weeks ago Kelly, Kiz, Justin, Claire, Trevor, and I all went to Misty's for some American (aka fried) food.  The Aussies got to experience fried mushrooms, buffalo wings, fried pickles, mozzrella sticks, and corn dogs.  And best of all - Coors Light! I'm glad that Claire and Kiz liked it, even though most Aussies say that it "tastes like piss" (their words not mine!)

Kelly, Matt, Amy, and I went to the Australian Open at Melbourne Park.  We saw the men's and women's 3rd round singles.  I can't say I was really into tennis in the past but it was a fun atmosphere and made watching the rest of the Open on TV a lot more fun.

Amy, me, and Federer - BFFs

  • I have 3 Diet Mountain Dew's left.  I have spent lots of time on google trying to find more and Kelly even emailed USA Foods - no luck :(
  • I am still loving having furniture and a bed!  I don't think I can ever sleep on an air mattress again.
  • We purchased a washing machine and it is being delivered tomorrow.  Apart from putting together our TV stand, our apartment is pretty much complete!
  • I am really loving beers at lunch :)
  • Thanks to Graham Reekie for showing me  I am officially obsessed and wil probably be broke from all of the "bargains" I think I am getting.  I have made 5 purchases and have yet to use any of them.
  • A new season of shows has finally started!
  • The debate over what AFL team to cheer for is still going.  I had decided on St. Kilda because that is where I live but have been told on many occasions not to cheer for them.  Many people have said to cheer for a team with the same colors or name as my favorite team at home.  So I can go for Richmond (black and gold) or Hawthorne (the hawks).  Any thoughts on this one would be greatly appreciated!
My battery is about to die and my power cord is on the other side of the room (one of the disadvantages of accidentally ordered a non-wireless modem).  That's all for now.  Another blog coming soon - all about my upcoming weekend in Sydney with my cousin Rachel!!!

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