Monday, December 20, 2010

Livin' the Dream

"Livin' the dream"
"Life is good"
"I can't believe this is our life!!!"
These are just a few of the things Kelly and I say to each other almost daily.

A lot has happened since my last blog.   Be prepared – this is a long one!

EY Ball
That’s right…I said ball.  Not party.  Friday Dec. 10 was the annual EY ball.  It was HUGE and very fancy.  Our office has about 1500 people and I based on my estimations there were over 1,000 people there.  It is hard to believe that more people work in my office than the entire population of my hometown. Crazy!
The day before the ball I was at happy hour with the Australia Post audit team and they were all telling me stories about how crazy the ball gets.  The ED (executive director) even told me that “a straight-laced American like me” would not even know what to think (yes, you can all start laughing now).  I was thinking back to the EY Minneapolis Christmas party at the Depot and the Spring Fling at the Graves Hotel and was sure nothing would surprise me.
First of all, people get way more dressed up than for any Christmas party I have ever been too.  Girls left early to get their hair down, guys wore tuxes – the whole nine yards.  Here’s a picture so you get an idea of how fancy it was:

After dinner there was a band…..and a dance floor.  1,000+ EY people on one dance floor.  Most of you are probably thinking of nerdy tax accountants with glasses and pocket protectors.  Instead picture 1,000 people – all of them working for the same company and 50% of whom are under the age of 25.  Insanity!
The only downside to the ball was the beer selection – there were only 3 to choose from and they were not good.  Drinking wine/champagne all night is not a good idea (I have the bruises on my leg to prove it).
Most of my pictures from the ball are of Alexis and Kelly.  It has become a common theme for Alexis to steal my camera.  And he always seems to take pictures of himself and Kelly. 

 I did manage to get a few other pictures in that night:

This was our favorite picture - except it was ruined by a wine glass and a random in the background!

Nase, JJ, and Graham - I think this one pretty much sums up the night.
Graham - I added this one in case your mom is reading this!!!

The ball ended at midnight – but the party didn’t stop there.   There was an EY after party (no we are not still in college although lately it has felt like it).  I think I will stop the stories from the ball now – my mom has probably heard enough.
Christmas Party
Apparently one party in December is not enough.  The Thursday after the ball was the Assurance-wide Christmas party (basically everyone in audit).  The Christmas party was held on the 89th floor of the Eureka Tower.  The Eureka Tower is the tallest building in the South Hemisphere and the 89th floor is the top floor (the general public only gets to go to the 89th floor).
Santa (assurance managing partner) and his elves (other partners) made an appearance at the Christmas party.  For $5 you could get your picture taken with them and the proceeds went to a children’s charity. Someone asked me if any of the partners in Minneapolis would wear spandex and dress up as an elf – I can’t picture it!  I wanted to include the pictures here but we got printed pictures and I haven’t scanned it yet.  Instead here’s a picture of JJ and the ladies at the Christmas party:

Kelly’s funny story:
Kelly wanted to make sure this was included in the blog (trust me it was funnier if you were there).  At the party Kelly and I were standing and talking to a group of people and an RCIP partner came up (RCIP is the group I work in).  This is how the conversation went (I don’t know the exact words but you’ll get the idea):
Partner:  “Hi, I’m TW, I work in the RCIP practice.”
Kelly:   “Oh, do you guys work together?” (meaning me and partner). 
Partner (shaking his head):  no, no
Me:  No, we’ve just met before
The conversation continued for awhile, talking about our holiday plans, etc.  The conversation then came to the fact that Kelly and I were both from the Minneapolis office and knew each other before coming to Australia. 
Partner: If you guys know each other why did you ask if we were together?” (Meaning me and the partner)
Kelly (laughing):  hahahaha, I asked if you guys WORKED together.
Partner (laughing):  That happens all the time.
That happens all the time????  What?  See, I told you it was funnier if you were there.
An update on the apartment
We are still loving our apartment.  We now have a refrigerator, microwave and other small kitchen appliances.  And electricity!!! Now we just need cable, internet, and furniture and we will be al set (I am sitting on the floor right now).
Saturday we went to the market and bought our first decoration:

This is Judy (Sorry Aunt Judy, she is not named after you).  Kelly decided this is Judy from Judy’s Ten Key. Judy is adapting to the Australian lifestyle and has taken to drinking all day instead of helping us with our add checks (footing).  We say Hi to Judy when we come home and make sure we have a drink with her every now and then so she doesn’t feel bad drinking alone.

Your can't tell from this picture just Judy is actual wire, not a picture - the white background is our wall.   I love it!
Kelly and I have not even gotten in a fight yet!  (Of course it helps that Judy is here to make sure we all get along).
Only 3 more days of work until our 2 week holiday!  I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!  Enjoy the snow – I hope to be sitting on the beach if it would just warm up a little bit!

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